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WAYPAA exists to bring experience, strength, hope and the message of recovery for all those that suffer from alcoholism and to celebrate and encourage unity and fellowship for young people in recovery across Western Australia. Our aim is to host an annual AA Convention and show how sobriety and service are fun and fulfilling! No one wakes up one morning and thinks- Hey! I’ll be an alcoholic or I’ll have a drinking problem. But the truth is anyone can have a drinking problem. It doesn’t matter about age, race, gender, how much money you have or don’t have….. None of those things matter. You don’t have to be rock bottom. You don’t have to battle alone. You can reach out. We can be here with you.

Coming Soon: Annual WAYPAA Convention 2017



Find Out More Right Now!¬†Don’t Hesitate, Don’t Wait!¬†Perth Awaits…… Join Us For Our Annual Convention- It Works…. It Really Works

Sobriety rocks!

We can’t wait to share our stories and experiences with you.

We know that altering attitudes can make all the difference not just for today but for the promises and progress to tomorrow.

There are so many fantastic people, places, and reasons to meet up in Perth.

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